Ubuntu: Can't turn off or restart


I'm having problems restarting or turning of ubuntu 10.10 on a samsung r560. I had no problems with previous ubuntu versions.

When turning off, ubuntu stays forever in the purple screen with 4 dots. When restartig, I get

init: Disconnectded from system bus  init: dbus main process (752) killed by TERM signal    nm-dispatcher.action: Cought signal 15, shutting down...  modem-manager: Cought signal 15, shutting down...  

The laptop does not shut down after this.


Do you have an external storage device installed on the computer? Try removing first before shutting down.

I found this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1603642 Not sure if it applies to your situation. This one is a wireless issue.


In terminal type sudo reboot or sudo halt to halt your system

For shutting down instantly,

sudo shutdown -P now or sudo poweroff or sudo su && init 0

Also See this thread


my issue was that rabbit-mq server was stopping me from restarting. so to actually halt I need to

sudo service rabbitmq-server stop  sudo halt  

I just made an alias for it while this issue is fixed.

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