Ubuntu: Can't run Tor from terminal


So... I can't run Tor from my terminal. I have tried many different things, but I couldn't make it run. Once, it didn't stop to run when I wanted to. At my other attempt I also ended up failing because when it stopped to run I couldn't connect myself to the Internet. I hope you can help me here guys.

To be more specific, what I mean by "can't run from terminal" is that I can't hide my IP if I'm installing a program from terminal, for instance. Or if I'm running another program that is making a connection with the internet, my IP isn't being hidden. What I want is to make Tor work for all my programs. So my IP would be hidden in any connection with the internet.


In order to run tor with all the connections you need to configure tor and polipo. See Tor check failed though Vidalia shows green onion for configuring tor and polipo. Basically what you need to do is configure manual proxy in your network settings and apply it system wide after that. I guess that will work.

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There's this concept I learned a while ago from a YouTube video, about how to create a custom command to run Sublime Text on Cygwin. I apply it to pretty much any application I want now. I made a bit of a guide on GitHub. Might help with running your Tor, as long as you know exactly which directory you installed it in.

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