Ubuntu: Broken Packages: php-apc: Depends: phpapi-20090626+lfs


I need to install php-apc on Ubuntu 10.04 and Ubuntu 9.04

First of all, can I just install this package to make it work with php 5.2 + lighttpd on these Ubuntu versions ?

I've tried to install it on Ubuntu 10.04 and I get the following error:

sudo apt-get install php-apc    The following packages have unmet dependencies:    php-apc: Depends: phpapi-20090626+lfs  E: Broken packages  



php-apc cannot be installed because it depends on the virtual package phpapi-20090626+lfs. For the system to consider this virtual package 'installed', then you need to have installed either Apache or PHP.

Seeing as you don't need Apache I would suggest you install the php5-cgi package. (This will give you PHP 5.3 in 10.04.)

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