Ubuntu: Backup Evolution Mail


I would like to backup my email that I have already downloaded and stored in Evolution. I know there is an option in Evolution to backup your Evolution settings but how can you backup your mail accounts and mail.

Thank you.


You can create a backup by clicking File->Backup settings... in Evolution this will save you data and configuration.

Manually you should run evolution â€"force-shutdown first to make sure evolution is not using the files.

Then you can Backup:

  • ~/.evolution (this saves your data)
  • ~/.gconf/apps/evolution (and this your configuration)


The easiest way to backup all of your Evolution is to backup the (hidden) evolution folder in your home directory:



The simpliest way is go to File>Backup data (or something else). That will create an /home/yout_username/evolution-backup.tar.gz. This is the backup file with everything (except passwords).

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