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What add-in/setting in Visual Studio can you not live without? Which one improves your productivity or fixes something you can't stand in Visual Studio? Why is it your favorite?

My favorite is aspx edit helper because it does really improve my productivity when working with ASP.NET applications. What it does is provide a quick way to type out server side controls, it automatically fills in runat="server" and id="" and puts your cursor in between the quotes of ID so you can type it in.

Here is a summarized list of all the plugins discussed so far

  1. ASPX Edit Helper - Snippets for editing asp.net
  2. Re-Sharper - Fast Refactoring
  3. Power Commands
  4. Reflector
  5. GhostDoc - Generates XML comments
  6. Visual Assist X
  7. Rock Scroll
  8. TestDriven.NET
  9. NCover
  10. AnkhSVN - SVN Integration
  11. ViEmu - Vim Emulation
  12. VisualSVN - SVN Integration
  13. Theme Generator
  14. Skype Add-in
  15. XML Explorer
  16. Resource Refactoring
  17. Linq2Sql Debugger Visualizer - Easily debug Linq2SQL
  18. Visual Studio File Explorer
  19. Visual Studio Window Manager
  20. TFS PowerToys
  21. Expression Tree Visualizer
  22. StyleCop
  23. Regions Manager
  24. Regionerate
  25. Code Keep - Manage Code Snippets from anywhere
  26. CR Documentor
  27. DXCore Community Plugins
  28. NUnit
  29. CodeRush Xpress
  30. JSLint
  31. NUnit for VS - NUnit integration
  32. Instant Gratification - Tells you how awesome your code is
  33. Entrian Source Search, a Code Search add-in. "Find In Files" on steroids.
  34. Goanna - static analysis for C/C++
  35. StudioTools
  36. USysWare DPack Code Browser - Fast code navigation


Re-sharper... now if only my company would buy me a copy.


I love IncrediBuild, a distributed compiling tool.


I love USysWare DPack Code Browser.

It opens a dialog with all available files in your solution with Alt-U. As you type, the available options filters accordingly. It does the same with the functions in the file with Alt-G. It's great!

That's much better than using the anti-navigable Solution Explorer tree.

The only drawback I see, it is a bit slow.


The Solution Navigator in the vs2010 Productivity Power Tools is very nice. I love being able to quickly filter by modified or open files. Search feature is also a good addition.


I second ReSharper. Can't live without it. The best investment I have made so far (regarding development).


My eyes are much happier since I started using the zenburn fonts and colours scheme. Soothing.


I'll cast another vote for both ReSharper and Visual Assist X. Both are great tools that greatly add to the Visual Studio experience in significant ways that have to be experienced to fully appreciate. I use both and appreciate both of them. I have used Visual Assist X for several years, and wouldn't want to program without it. I just started to use ReSharper, and I have become a huge fan of it, after using it to go through all my .Net code and correcting all the little code issues that it found, and my code was much better afterwards, and it even helped me find a potential bug or two that had remained hidden for quite some time, as well as identifying variables and code blocks that would never be executed, so they could be excised.

So, despite the ramble, I wholeheartedly vote for both ReSharper and Visual Assist X.


If you are a Linq2SQL user, the Linq 2 SQL Debugger Visualizer is a must have.. You can get it here


Visual Studio Window Manager allows you to manage and save window layouts for visual studio, this is very helpful for me because I like to hide all my toolbars by default, but sometimes to are helpful to have around.


Roland Weigelt's GhostDoc


Trac Explorer provides integration with Trac from within Visual Studio. This is a must have for any shop thats using Trac.


Xml Visualizer allows you to apply XSLT style sheets and run xpath queries on XML data, along with viewing the data better.


Dispatch is what the Copy Web Site function should have been


Here is a great site that lists a lot of visual studio plugins. http://www.visualstudiogallery.com/


ViEmu, my muscle memory has the Vi keybindings ingrained in it.


NDepend is a fantastic code analysis tool, easily the best I have seen for understanding your (or someone else's) code at multiple levels. Draws pretty diagrams too, and comes with its own query language for easily defining your own FXCop-style requirements.


Well if you're an ASP.NET developer the Visual Studio spell checker is useful: http://blogs.msdn.com/mikhailarkhipov/archive/2006/04/17/577471.aspx


Mindscape file explorer and Regionerate are not mentioned yet, but my favorite is definitely Reshareper.


As well as Resharper and VisualSVN, which have been mentioned numerous times already, I've also found the RegionTools macros by Roland Weigelt very useful and use them almost daily.


Multi-Lang Add-In allows you to easily manage localized applications.


A cool setting I just found is adding a Guide Line on your editor so you can see if you are going over a certain amount of characters, Sara Ford shows you how here.


NUnitForVS is great if you want to use NUnit without paying for VS integration.


VSFileExplorer is a nice file explorer for VS. It's also very helpful when used together with subversion/tortoiseSVN, since it displays the tortoise overlay icons within VS.


These Two:




If you use Trac and Subversion, check out TracExplorer as well. I created it for my own needs, and so far it's exceeded all expectations.


Are you tired of having to open VSTD IDE to build/rebuild/clean your project?

Then this might help:



I only just found this, I wish I'd got it months earlier:

JSLint Visual Studio Addin

and the codeproject page with animations of it in action. My only gripe (which is a JSLint one) is that it warns about functions being undefined if they're not declared in order.

If you're using external libraries, you can stop JSLint throwing errors by adding the following, or equivalent to the top of the file:

/*extern $, jQuery */  


Entrian Source Search, a Code Search add-in. Lets you search your source code in a fraction of a second, even for huge solutions. Gives syntax-coloured search results. Like Find In Files on steroids.


Goanna - a Visual Studio add-in for static analysis of C/C++. I can't live without it, because my day job is as a RedLizard Software programmer. :)


tangible T4 Editor is quite good for writing T4 templates

The free version has limited features, but it's nevertheless much better than the standard editor...

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