Tutorial :Learning Anaysis Services


Can anyone recommend a good resource -- book, website, article, etc -- to help me learn SQL Server Analysis services.

I have no knowledge of this technology right now but I do constantly work with SQL server in the traditional sense.

I want to learn about Cubes and Using Reporting Services with it. I want to start from the bottom but after I finish with the material, ideally, I'd be able to stumble through a real development project...

I'm hoping to get started with a free resource but if anyone knows of a really good book, I'd take that too.

Or, if you don't know of a resource how did you get started with the technology?

Thank you,


Take a look Here for a list of AS resources I compiled in answer to a similar question.


Pretty outstanding book:

Professional SQL Server Analysis Services 2005 with MDX

Gives you a good overview of the architecture of SSAS, as well as the query language MDX, and administrative/maintenance overview. A good primer for a developer OR a system administrator.


My personal favorite book on the topic is Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services

Mosha Pasumansky's blog is a great resource once you start learning more about the technology and MDX



Here's a link to Analysis Services Books online. It's a decent resource, and completely free.

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