Tutorial :Best full text search alternative to MS SQL, C++ solution


What is the best full text search alternative to Microsoft SQL? (which works with MS SQL)

I'm looking for something similar to Lucene and Lucene.NET but without the .NET and Java requirements. I would also like to find a solution that is usable in commercial applications.


Take a look at CLucene - It's a well maintained C++ port of java Lucene. It's currently licenced under LGPL and we use it in our commercial application.

Performance is incredible, however you do have to get your head around some of the strange API conventions.


Sphinx is one of the best solutions. It's written in C++ and has amazing performance.


DT Search is hands down the best search tool I have used. They have a number of solutions available. Their Engine will run on Native Win32, Linux or .NET. It will index pretty much every kind of document you might have (Excel, PDF, Word, etc.) I did some benchmarks comparisons a while ago and it was the easiest to use and had the best performance.


Solr is based on Lucene, but accessible via HTTP, so it can be used from any platform.


I second Sphinx, but Lucene is also not so bad despite the Java. :) If you are not dealing with too much data spread out etc., then also look into MySQL's FULLTEXT. We are using it to search across a 20 GB database.

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