Ubuntu: Windows is not detected by grub in Lubuntu after update


I've had a dual boot Windows 8.1/Lubuntu 16.04 for over a year. I use Windows for my main work and Lubuntu for practicing Linux.

I logged into Lubuntu after 3 months of inactivity and ran sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade . I am unable to see Windows on startup, only Ubuntu and other recovery options for Linux are available. Moreover I checked in BIOS about UEFI. It's all fine. I am unable to mount. GParted shows Windows not mounted and lsblk looks like this:

gparted shows windows not mounted and lsblk looks like this
(Click image to enlarge)

I also installed ntfs-3g.

Please suggest a way to recover Windows.


Thank you very much for sparing your time to answer my question. My problem got solved after I installed boot-repair and gave recommended actions.

I reinstalled and now I can see windows back.


ntfs-3g ist most probably not the problem as there is more ntfs partitions without errors… (You don't neet ntfs-3g until you want to read/write data from/to NTFS (Windows) partitions in Ubuntu.)

Do I get you right, that you can't boot into Windows as it is not present in the grub boot list?

Is an entry for Windows present in /etc/grub.d/grub.cfg?

If not, did you run sudo update-grub to update the grub list? Is it present afterwards?

Best, dom

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