Ubuntu: VLC player not installing on 17.10 ubuntu artful


I have tried every option I could find @askubuntu - adding repository manually, command line installation, checked settings universe etc., -- I am still told the software has unmet dependencies, which I tried resolving one by one without success. similar problem described here: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/411518/what-is-the-root-cause-of-e-unable-to-correct-problems-you-have-held-broken-p/411530#411530

following screenshot with missing dependencies list included. would love resolution I can actually follow (kiddie level ubuntu:)enter image description here


problem solved - thanks to kind m-hampl at launchpad.net/ubuntu - link and solution as follows:


ran command:

dpkg -l | grep vlc

then: Uninstalling vlc-plugin-base (and any other vlc packages with version 3.0.0* listed in the output of that command) - according to the output in my case I ran the following command repeatedly with each package:

sudo apt-get purge vlc-plugin-base

as well purging the following packages:





then installed vlc through ubuntu software app -- now again working fantastically, both with video files as well as dvd media.

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