Ubuntu: Ubuntu GNOME 17.04 problems now that I've switched full time


I was running Ubuntu Unity 17.04, and I decided to install ubuntu-gnome-desktop so I could start playing with GNOME ahead of the release of 17.10 where it becomes the default desktop environment.

In the Unity desktop environment, this initially broke some stuff, as evidenced by my question at Unity problems after installing GNOME desktop (ubuntu-gnome-desktop). Most of these problems were resolved.

Like Unity, I originally used LightDM as the display manager for GNOME. Now I've switched to the gdm3 display manager, and GNOME full time, I've got new problems...

  • I can no longer switch between GNOME and Unity desktop environments at the login screen.
  • I can no longer log into the root account.
  • I can no longer log into the guest account.
  • I can no longer get to the text tty by typing CTRL-ALT-F1 (or F2 .. F6).

I assume that if I switch back to the LightDM display manager, that these problems will revert, but I'd like to get these problems addressed with the gdm3 display manager.

Any ideas or work arounds?

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