Ubuntu: Ubuntu 16.04 Snapd error: Download snap “ubuntu-core” from channel “stable”


I try to use snap to install nextcloud but when I enter the command:

sudo snap install hello  


sudo snap install nextcloud  

I'll get following error:

    error: cannot perform the following tasks:  - Download snap "ubuntu-core" from channel "stable" (Get https://search.apps.ubuntu.com/api/v1/search?fields=anon_download_url%2Cchannel%2Cdownload_sha512%2Csummary%2Cdescription%2Cbinary_filesize%2Cdownload_url%2Cicon_url%2Clast_updated%2Cpackage_name%2Cprices%2Cpublisher%2Cratings_average%2Crevision%2Csnap_id%2Csupport_url%2Ctitle%2Ccontent%2Cversion%2Corigin&q=package_name%3Aubuntu-core: x509: failed to load system roots and no roots provided)  

I've read that it was a bug a year ago and is fixed but I have no idea how to solve it at the moment. Do you have any clues for me?

Thanks! :-)


Can you try sudo snap install core? ubuntu-core snap is now called core.

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