Ubuntu: Trying to reformat a Lenovo t410 with ubuntu installed already?


I had an old Thinkpad t410, and let my brother use it for a while. He stopped using it and forgot the password (User or personal account password). It currently has 13.04 or 13.10, and i have a USB formatted with unetbootin. Ive tried going through both the BIOS menu and the f12 menu, but am having issues. How can i reformat the drive so its just a fresh install?

Edit: Turns out i didnt have the right thing in the BIOS startup line up. I figured it out, and switched it in. Its now installing.


Use Ubuntu install media as a 'live' system, boot it and use "try ubuntu"

  • mount the hdd to check for any wanted files [optional]
  • use gparted to reformat the drive and erase any data [optional]

Neither step is mandatory. You can select the 'format partition' checkbox under 'something else' for a new install. Key is not to upgrade, just select 'Something Else' as your install option, and you have control to alter partitions, format, or use existing...

You can overwrite the password with a known one (hashed) if you know the encryption used (its usually default), but its cleaner just to start again as you intended.

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