Ubuntu: Stuck at “Installation Type” screen while installing


The title is pretty clear, but here are a few details :

I'm installing from a USB, onto a computer running Windows 7. Everything seems to run perfectly, until I get to the "Installation Type" screen. Essentially, I am not getting a choice for my install : I directly get to the partitionning screen (with options like "New Partition Table...", "Add...", "Change..." etcetera, as well as a drop-down menu "Device for boot loader installation:".

Anyhow, nothing responds on this screen (but the computer does not seem frozen). From the ubunt website scrrenshots, this should be pretty straightforward!

Any suggestion on how I could get this thing installed tonight? (Thanks to all of you, by the way!)


My 13.10 install got stuck at a previous screen, asking if i wanted to replace windows, do something else, etc. The 'continue' button wouldn't enable. I clicked back, then next, and it cleared the problem. you probably already tried that?


Make sure your disk is readable. In my case AHCI was not set in the bios.

You can boot the usb in Try Ubuntu mode, then run terminal. Next try fdisk -1 or parted -l.

If your harddrive isn't in the list then make sure its bios settings are correct.

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