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So I have a HP Microserver which was running 14.X Ubuntu for ages. Due to adding a new disk and a lack of space in root on the system, I decided to re-install from scratch using 16.04.

The current Kernel is 4.10.0-42-generic. Installation was successful. But since then, 9 times of 10 the system does not boot.

I get these errors:

ERST: failed to get log address  BERT: Can't request iomem region 0000000077fab650-0000000077fab6aa3  ata2.00: failed to enable AA  

I've no idea what those mean. It then enters "emergency mode".

A bit of googling suggested a BIOS update to the Microserver which I did. Hasn't helped. I can usually get the system to boot with a combination of rebooting (multiple times) and/or power on/off. But this is not really acceptable for a reliable server. I don't think the issue is related to the new HDD (which is not the boot disk) as if I remove it, I still have the same issue.

Anyone able to point me to what these errors mean and how to fix the issue? I'm considering downgrading back to 14.X.


I guess you are trying the version 16.04.3 LTS.

  • Downgrading back to 14.04.1 LTS and 14.04.5 LTS is a working alternative. There is support until April 2019.

  • An alternative is to try 16.04.1 LTS, the first point release, which I use. There is support until April 2021. This version works well with various old hardware. See this link (and links from it) to find the relevant iso files,

    How to select the version and flavour of Ubuntu

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