Ubuntu: move unallocated space between partitions


I have my Linux partition in one partition and my /home in another. Because a new database ended up in my Linux partition, I need more space there. Thus I took 10GB out of my /home partition and want to add it to my root.

According to GParted, step 6, I should select sda2 and resize it. When I select sda2 there is no resize option. In short, I can't get my unallocated 10 GB into the root.

Here is a screenshot of the situation:

enter image description here

I am aware that the actual resize can actually be done only under boot from a live USB, while presently I am running with the disk in use.

I did get the unallocated space.

The question is how to get it to be part of /dev/sda1?


It is possible that the location of the linux-swap partition holds you from performing the resize.

I suggest trying the following:

  1. Delete the linux-swap partition
  2. Resize
  3. Add linux-swap partition


any partition manipulation should be done with the drive unmounted.

boot from a live cd or usb drive. be sure the live session isn't using the swap partition.

shrink the extended partition by moving where is begins to align with sda6. then grow sda1 to use the free space.

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