Ubuntu: How to install newest PulseAudio with all packages though terminal?


I can't pair my Ubuntu 16.10 to Creative Intuitive S2 speakers using bluetooth. I think my system needs additional PulseAudio packages.

How can I check my PulseAudio packages and update them if needed?


It would seem extremely unlikely that you'd need to manually install more PulseAudio packages. The general rule with installing packages is that if you don't know why you need it, don't do it. This rule is even more important when you're trying to install packages for completely separate subsystems (installing audio packages to fix Bluetooth, for example).

However, updating your packages is pretty easy, and should be done regularly. Just pop open a terminal and run these two commands:

sudo apt update  sudo apt full-upgrade  

This will upgrade all of your packages and programs to the latest versions known in the Ubuntu repositories and any additional PPAs that you may have manually added to your system.


you can simply do it by command :- sudo apt-get install pulseaudio*

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