Ubuntu: How to Entirely Remove Ubuntu and any Trace of it?


I've been having problems with Ubuntu recently. Namely, every proprietary driver I installed caused the system to hang hopelessly and indefinitely after suspending or closing the lid on my Inspiron 15 7559. I have made the decision to remove Ubuntu and use only Windows 10, which until recently I had been dual-booting.

The first problem:

I deleted the ~400GB partition dedicated to Ubuntu and merged it with the C: drive, and I removed the GRUB bootloader. Windows boots normally but when I press 'F12' on startup, the 'ubuntu' option is still there. This option boots into Windows, but I still want it removed.

The second problem:

In my attempt to coax my graphics driver to function properly, I added

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="acpi_backlight=native acpi_osi="  

to the GRUB. And even though the system no longer boots through the GRUB menu, the backlight during boot up is extremely dim.

I have tried creating a Windows USB and running

bootrec.exe /fixmbr  

Afterwards, I am told "The operation completed successfully," but in truth, this does absolutely nothing.


I think, you get the UEFI boot menu option with 'ubuntu' string. You have to go to the UEFI(BIOS) setting and look for 'Boot options' there you can delete the 'ubuntu' option.

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