Ubuntu: How do I delete everything in /var/mail/username from the command line?


As a result of a long-running cron job, I have over 1,000 messages in my user's mailbox. What's the easiest way to delete them?


If you want to delete all the messages, you can simply truncate the mailbox file for a user with the following command:

> /var/mail/username  

(the greater than sign is not a prompt: you are in effect redirecting the output of nothing to the file, which will truncate it).


Run mail in a terminal. Press d 1-. This will delete those messages.

Removing files for managing mail is like adjust the volume of your tv with a hammer. It may work, but it is not optimal and far too brutal.


I would argue that you rarely want to delete everything from the mail.

Therefore I would recommend setting up a crontask to run weekly to keep the last 100 lines of each user's mail

cat /var/mail/username | tail -100 > /var/mail/username  

this will keep the last 100 lines


It depends if you have ftp access. If so, just use Nautilus to do a good deal more than any other ftp client. I also use it and Bluefish to edit pages on my websites.

There should be a Mail folder where you can view and delete any and all files.

I find it so much easier than File Manager in cPanel.

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