Ubuntu: Hard Drive issue?


My laptop worked good, i bought it in September 2017, in November it started getting freeze and i not event could turn it off, when i tried opening the native console, i notice of this


On December i took it to the support, they said is my operating system, i use Ubuntu. Yesterday in my desperate attempt to fix it i turn it on again, after a while i get freeze again and i get this message again.

Error 2

I was using Firefox, so i thing Firefox lost permissions

After that:

I Tried to install windows first and then Ubuntu, when i tried to install Ubuntu, it started giving me a message:

> error fsyncing/closing /dev/sda input/output error

What can be the cause of this problem? What solution should i consider?

Pd: My apologies for my english


I agree with @ravery. Your hard drive is failing. I would back up what you can immediately and buy a new drive. Maybe get a new drive first, then use it to back up what you can from the old one. The less you use it, the more chance you have of eeking a little more data out of it.

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