Ubuntu: Gnome shell cannot detect opened window for some system application


Assume I search firefox in gnome-shell and hit enter to open. But when I search firefox again and hit enter it will brought the firefox window to front because it's already opened.

But this behavior is not working for gnome-terminal and gedit (maybe some other apps too). For terminal it opens new window every time. And for gedit, creates new tab.

I reinstall gnome-terminal and gedit and noticed they create multiple .desktop files. One named gedit.desktop and other is org.gnome.Gedit.desktop. Some system apps also follow the same pattern i.e Gnome-terminal, Totem, Software & updates etc.

Can someone explain the reason? Or is it a bug and which process is responsible?

How can I fix the behavior of gedit and gnome-terminal? Manually deleting the .desktop file named org.gnome.* helps but it restore after any upgrade.

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