Ubuntu: Generate Juju bundle from juju status


I deployed some charms in my model, and added some relations between those charms. Now I would like to set up my environment in another model. Is there a possibility to create a bundle.yaml from my current setup? So the next time I would like to do the exact same thing, I can just deploy the bundle that will setup exactly the same model as my first model.


Juju CLI

At the moment there is no solution yet in de Juju Cli.

Juju GUI

The Juju Gui has a solution for this. Next to your modelname in de GUI there is an import and export button.

juju gui

The Export button will generate a yaml file which will represent your current model. This yaml can be used in the Juju GUI to import in to a new model or can be used in the Juju-CLI as well.

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