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Ubuntu 16.04 LTS was damaged during an upgrade and it can't be fixed. I need to save all my files in the disk in another disk.

When I log in as root during recovery mode, I see all my files there and I can read them without issue.

However when I connect a new disk (usb or hard disk) via USB this is not visible in the media folder, therefore I have no way to copy the files somewhere else, what should be done so that I can connect an external disk and copy all the contents that I need into the other disk?


use a live installation cd boot it then copy all the contents from your bricked ubuntu system to pendrive easy


Try the following to mount an external in recovery mode:

  1. Plugin the external HDD, then run sudo fdisk -l to know the partition information.

  2. Create a mount point:

    sudo mkdir /mnt/usb  
  3. Now mount it at the location in step 2:

    sudo mount -t <file_type> /dev/sdb1 /mnt/usb -o umask=000  
  4. Now you should be able to move the files over.


  • /dev/sdb1 is imaginary yours could be /dev/sdc1
  • umask=000 makes it writable



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