Ubuntu: Boot repair on different drive


In my setup I have my system boot straight in to Windows OS installed on my main drive by default. Only if I go in to my BIOS and boot from a secondary drive it will load a GRUB bootloader where I manually select Ubuntu and boot in to this Ubuntu OS which is on that secondary drive.

This has worked like that for some time until now. Now when I boot from the secondary drive I still see my GRUB boot menu but if I select ubuntu I get an error:

Error: File not found

Error: You need to load the kernel first

It seems like I need to perform a boot repair. I have found many answers that explain how to do that but none for my specific case where I want to leave the bootloader on my main drive untouched and only fix the GRUB loader on the secondary drive.

How to I fix the boot loader on a secondary drive without affecting the main windows boot loader?

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