Ubuntu: Allowed port 22 with UFW and installed SSHguard but can't SSH


I've installed a new Ubuntu 16.04 with SSHguard (apt-get install sshguard), and then enabled UFW:

sudo ufw enable  

I then allowed some ports:

sudo ufw allow 22,25,80,443,9000/tcp  

Yet I can't login from Putty or similar software (such as WinSCP).

When I ping the machine's IP I get a reply with time=63ms and TTL=54.

I fail to understand why SSH locations are blocked: When I try to access the machine with Putty, the background is just blank.

I didn't change anything in the SSHguard configuration.


After doing a power cycle (restart) from my hosting provider's manage tool, I still can't login, though this time, I do get the option to type a users password.

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