Ubuntu: 17.10: “wlp1s0: failed to remove key”, cannot shut down [closed]


I'm on a pretty fresh installation of 17.10 on a ThinkPad E460, and I'm not aware of screwing anything up.

First, I wasn't able to properly power off/reboot because of the error discussed here. As advised in that thread, I upgraded the kernel, to 4.14.7.

Now, the wlp1s0 error is gone, however, I get this when I attempt to shut it down:

sched: Unexpected reschedule of offline CPU#0!  

enter image description here

The other solutions from the thread (Alt + F7, GRUB edit) do nothing at all. So the only solution for me every time is to hold the power button which is not very safe.


Install kernel 4.13.1 and type:

sudo apt-get autoremove      sudo shutdown -r now  

Try to install wireless drivers online.

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