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I want to insert text with custom formatting, then change the font style back to what it was before the code was run.

Dim myText As String  Dim oldFont As Object  'Save old font      Set oldFont = Selection.Font     'Insert text with custom font  myText = "CUSTOM STRING"  Selection.Font.Name = "Comic Sans MS"  Selection.Font.Size = 26  Selection.Font.Bold = True  Selection.TypeText (myText)    'Revert font back to original  Set Selection.Font = oldFont  

Can anyone explain a way to do what I'm looking for?

Edit: I should have been more specific. If I am typing text, I have a certain formatting that I am typing in that is shown on the Home Tab (eg. Comic Sans Ms, Size 22, Bold). When I insert text with the code, this changes the formatting that I am typing with, so if I continue typing it will be in the NEW font type, not the Comic Sans MS. I am trying to make it so if I continue typing after I have inserted the text via VBA code, it will retain my old formatting.


One simple solution is to store all properties that you are going to change, and to reset them at the end:

Dim myText As String  Dim oldFont As String  Dim oldSize As Integer  Dim oldBold As Boolean    'Save old font  oldFont = Selection.Font.Name  oldSize = Selection.Font.Size  oldBold = Selection.Font.Bold    'Insert text with custom font  myText = "CUSTOM STRING"  Selection.Font.Name = "Comic Sans MS"  Selection.Font.Size = 26  Selection.Font.Bold = True  Selection.TypeText (myText)    'Revert font back to original  Selection.Font.Name = oldFont  Selection.Font.Bold = oldBold  Selection.Font.Size = oldSize  


The trick I find helpful when writing Word macros is simply to replicate what I'd be doing if I was using the Word GUI. When I want to paste formatted text but keep my current format, I type a space, paste in the text before the space then delete the space. As the space has my original format that's how I get it back.

So, doing this as a macro:

'Type a space  Selection.TypeText Text:=" "    'Move Cursor back one character  Selection.MoveLeft Unit:=wdCharacter, Count:=1    'Insert text with custom font  myText = "CUSTOM STRING"  Selection.Font.Name = "Comic Sans MS"  Selection.Font.Size = 26  Selection.Font.Bold = True  Selection.TypeText (myText)    'Move Cursor forward one character  Selection.MoveRight Unit:=wdCharacter, Count:=1    'Delete the space  Selection.TypeBackspace  

This will preserve any properties of the text you originally had.


I can't quite figure out exactly what you're trying to do there, but Selection.TypeText will collapse the selection down to the insertion point, so you effectively have no characters selected by the time you try to "revert the font". You either need to re-select the text, or use a Range object instead of the Selection to identify the text to be affected.

The reason that you get an error at the line:

Set Selection.Font = oldFont  

...is because - unusually, and perversely - you should not use the Set keyword when assigning to the Font property. Rather than storing a reference to a Font object, the assignment simply applies the properties of the assigned font.

This is very confusing API design, made all the more confusing because you do need to use the Set keyword when reading the Font property, and because that does assign a reference to a Font object!

And that's the other reason why your code won't work - you're taking a reference to a Font object which you then modify, and your reference points to the same Font object that has now changed.

What you actually need to do is create a new Font object to store the original font details, as follows:

Set oldFont = Selection.Font.Duplicate  


The Selection.Font object is read only.

This means that there is no way to restore all the settings in one assignment. Since you are only changing a few properties the easiest solution is to save each individual value and restore them afterwards as stephan suggests.

I.e. Save properties:

oldFontName = Selection.Font.Name  oldFontSize = Selection.Font.Size  oldFontBold = Selection.Font.Bold  

Do you stuff and then restore properties:

Selection.Font.Name = oldFontName  Selection.Font.Size = oldFontSize  Selection.Font.Bold = oldFontBold  


See, if this piece of code gives you enough hint.

CopyFormat picks up the existing formatting by moving left from current cursor.
PasteFormat applies it to a character & from there on, the original formatting (which was copied) comes into effect.

Selection.MoveLeft unit:=wdWord, Count:=1  Selection.EndKey Extend:=wdExtend    Selection.CopyFormat  Selection.MoveRight unit:=wdWord    '* New text and new formatting  Selection.Font.Bold = True  Selection.Font.Italic = True  Selection.Font.Size = 28  Selection.TypeText "hello world"    Selection.TypeText " "  Selection.MoveLeft unit:=wdCharacter, Count:=1  Selection.EndKey Extend:=wdExtend  Selection.PasteFormat      Selection.TypeText "original formatting here"  


Sub No_Format()  '  ' No_Format Macro  '  '      Selection.PasteSpecial Link:=False, DataType:=wdPasteText  End Sub  

this will allow you to paste the text and adopting the new formatting.

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