Tutorial :Tool to find duplicate keys and value in properties file


is there a tool that tells me redundant keys and values that are there in my one or many properties file.


There is an Ant task, RscBundleCheck, that checks for the existence of duplicate keys in a set of resource files:


This would be simple way to integrate checking for duplicate properties into your build process.


/**   *  Purpose:  Properties doesn't detect duplicate keys.  So this exists.   *  @author shaned   */  package com.naehas.tests.configs;    import java.util.Properties;    import org.apache.log4j.Logger;    public class NaehasProperties extends Properties  {     private static final long   serialVersionUID = 1L;       private static final Logger log              = Logger.getLogger(NaehasProperties.class);       public NaehasProperties()     {        super();     }       /**      * @param defaults      */     public NaehasProperties(Properties defaults)     {        super(defaults);     }       /**      * Overriding the HastTable put() so we can check for duplicates      *       */     public synchronized Object put(Object key, Object value)     {        // Have we seen this key before?        //        if (get(key) != null)        {           StringBuffer message = new StringBuffer("Duplicate key found: " + key + " with value: " + value);           message.append(". Original value is: " + (String) get(key));             log.error(message.toString());             // Setting key to null will generate an exception and cause an exit.           // Can not change the signature by adding a throws as it's not compatible           // with HashTables put().           //           // If you commented out this line, you will see all the occurrences of the duplicate key           // as the put will overwrite the past encounter.           //           key = null;        }          return super.put(key, value);     }  }  


I don't know if there is an existing tool, but you should be able to write a short java program, or script in a language you are comfortable with that should do this in no time. Then you would also have it for future use.

A quick google search yielded the following http://www.javanb.com/netbeans/1/19793.html

this has a gui tool and a script that will do it.


On Netbeans there is a sort line tools plugin, which has the option to remove duplicates. Works perfectly if properties are one lined.

What is more, sorting the properties makes this file more readible.


It might be easiest just to write one: For each file, and for each property in that file, put the property key/value pair into a Map, but only after ensuring that the key is not already in the Map. If it is, print out the file name, the key, and the two values.


If you are using an IDE you might find a good tool among their plugins/features.

Eclipse has a ResourceBundle Editor plugin which manages properties files:


IntelliJ IDEA 8 and higher is also able to manage properties files and check for duplicate entries.

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