Tutorial :Tell C++ console to wait


What is the method to tell the console to wait for x seconds. Is there a built in method or must I make one.


It's platform specific. On Linux/UNIX, or other POSIX-compliant operating systems, you can use the sleep function, which takes a parameter in seconds. On Windows you can use Sleep, which takes a parameter in milliseconds.


You are looking for the sleep method.



If you want it to be portable, you have to use preprocessing to determine what operating system it is and include the header as appropriate.

It would be good to make a function for calling sleep, like:

void portableSleep(int sec) {  #   ifdef POSIX          sleep(sec);  #   endif  #   ifdef WINDOWS          Sleep(sec * 1000);  #   endif  }  

Autoconf can help you with this.

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