Tutorial :SSRS - Still no local rendering of 2008 reports in the latest viewer?


I can't believe this - I just starting developing an SSRS report, using a SQL 2008 Report Server project in VS 2008. When I try to render the report in the VS 2008 ReportViewer control, I get this error

The report definition is not valid.  Details: The report definition has an   invalid target namespace   'http://schemas.microsoft.com/sqlserver/reporting/2008/01/reportdefinition'  which cannot be upgraded."  

I understand the error, and it has been well-documented all over the web over the past year and a half or so, but can it be that there is still no way of viewing these reports in the latest ReportViewer control? In other words, all these announcements from last year that MS would release an updated ReportViewer control in Q1 of 2009 that can render SSRS 2008 reports were wrong? The only workaround is to install SQL Server 2005 RS? How have others solved this? Switch to VS 2010? Can I register the 2010 ReportViewer control with my VS2008 project, and is that going to solve the problem? So many questions, but no answers ...


Unfortunately, that is indeed the truth :-(

See Bill Vaughn's Retraction: The ReportViewer Control Does NOT Support SQL Server 2008 RDL in Local Mode for more details.

Hard to believe - but true :-( Let's hope it'll be better in Reporting Services for SQL Server 2010 - eerrghh... 2008 R2 :-)


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