Tutorial :Oracle connections where username has $?


I need help tracking something down, I'm getting several connections where in Enterprise Manager it says:

OS User Name: Example$ <-- Example is the machine name.  Terminal: Example  Machine: Domain\Example  

There is NO user named Example$, where is this coming from?....

I'm using Oracle 11g.

Edit: The problem I'm tracking is with an asp.net app that keeps connections open, I'm using the "using" statement everytime I open them, so that's not it. It seems to be a problem with the connection pooling.


MachineName$ is the Network Service account of a machine called MachineName, as seen from some other machine.



I'm assuming you mean sessions? An open session is not neccesarily the same thing as an open connection.

Perhaps this isn't really a problem. The connection pooling mechanism means that although you may close/dispose your use of connections, they remain in the pool for efficiency reasons for rapid re-use so that may explain why you see some Oracle sessions still alive. This is probably a good thing and a rational DBA won't have too many complaints about that.


It is a user that is externally authenticated via the OS.

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