Tutorial :In WiX, is it possible to update the status text when executing custom actions?


When I'm running (multiple) lengthy custom actions, can I update the GUI's status text with some info on the progress?


According to Jonathon Rossi's blog post - yes, you can! But you'll need to tweak your WiX UI for that:

If you have a custom action like:

<CustomAction Id="CA_DevEnv2008Setup"                Property="DEVENV2008_EXE_PATH"                ExeCommand="/setup" Impersonate="no"                Execute="deferred" />  

Then a ProgressText element like the following will set the status text while it is running:

<UI>    <ProgressText Action="CA_DevEnv2008Setup">Configuring Foo... (this may take a few minutes).</ProgressText>  </UI>  

Hope this helps.


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