Tutorial :How to read data from file and display in QEditText box in QT


i would like to read a line of data from text file and display that data in Text Edit box


It's quite simple, actually:

import sys  from PyQt4.QtCore import *  from PyQt4.QtGui import *      FILENAME = 'textedit_example.py'      class Form(QDialog):      def __init__(self, parent=None):          super(Form, self).__init__(parent)          self.edit = QTextEdit()          layout = QVBoxLayout()          layout.addWidget(self.edit)          self.setLayout(layout)            self.edit.setText("No file found")            with open(FILENAME) as f:              self.edit.setText(f.readline())      app = QApplication(sys.argv)  form = Form()  form.show()  app.exec_()  

Some notes:

  1. Save it as 'textedit_example.py' and run. You'll see the first line of the source in the text box (import sys)
  2. It requires Python 2.6 and latest PyQt4 to run


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