Tutorial :how can i redirect the page with AJAX?


I am using Infragistics control in my application. If the user get deleted from my application then i want to redirect that user to not authorize page. for redirection of the page i am using HttpContext method but it's not working. I tried windows.location as well through java script but it's not working as well. Can somebody help me how to redirect page with AJAX?

Thanks for your help in advance.


Are you consuming a button click event (or something similar) in your code behind?

If so Response.Redirect(url) will work as per a non-AJAX request?


If you are using Infragistics webAsyncRefreshPanel then you will need to create a literal control and add it to webAsyncRefreshPanel controls collection. Try below code.

           System.Text.StringBuilder sb = new System.Text.StringBuilder();              sb.Append("<script language='javascript'>");              sb.Append("window.location=notautorizepage.aspx")               sb.Append("</script>");                LiteralControl c = new LiteralControl(sb.ToString());              webAsyncRefreshPanel.Controls.Add(c);   

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