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I have a query in enabling the web farm.I have server A and server B.I have enabled web farming(stateserver).Do i need to run the asp.net state server in two machine A and B? or can i point the ipaddress to one server.

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only one of the two machines needs to be running state server

once this is done, you would need to setup the following in your web.config file:

<system.web>      <sessionState          mode="StateServer"          stateConnectionString="tcpip=your_server_ip:42424"          cookieless="false"          timeout="20" />  </system.web>  

a good walkthrough of the whole process is available here: http://blog.maartenballiauw.be/post/2007/11/ASPNET-load-balancing-and-ASPNET-state-server-%28aspnet_state%29.aspx


You must have exactly one state management server for the whole farm. It's not better than Inproc else.


Single state server

You should configure a single server as your State server and point your web servers to it. This way, they'll share the same session.

If you'd use multiple state servers, they can't share their data between themselves.

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