Tutorial :Accessing a JTextArea in a JScrollPane


I have a JTextArea in (multiple) JScrollPane in a JTabbedPane.

I need to access the JTextArea. If I didn't have the JScrollPane, I could do:

JTextArea c = (JTextArea)jTabbedPane1.getComponentAt(i);  

How would I get it when in a JScrollPane?

Cheers, Gazler.


This line looks complex, but I THINK this would do it.

JTextArea c = (JTextArea) (((JViewportView) (((JScrollPane) jTabbedPane1.getComponentAt(i)).getViewport()))).getView();  

But I think it would be more interesting to store your TextArea's in an ArrayList.
So you can do this:

List<JTextArea> listAreas = new ArrayList<JTextArea>();    ...  JTextArea c = listAreas.get(i);  

Create a new one is something like this:

JTextArea c = new JTextArea();  jTabbedPane1.addTab("Title", new JScrollPane(c));  listAreas.add(c);  

Hope this helps.


Sounds like you'll get into a mess of references over there ( at least that's what have happened to me in the past ) .

I would suggest you to have a middle object in charge of those dependencies for you and to move the "business" methods there.

So instead of adding components and losing the references ( or worst, duplicating the references all over the place ) you can use this object which will have the reference:

class AppMediator {       private JTextArea area;       private JTabbetPane pane;         // etc.          public void doSomethingWithText() {            this.area.getText(); // etc        }   }  

See the Mediator design pattern. The focus is to move all the "view" objects from where they are ( usually as references in subclasses ) to a common intermediate object.


I prefer the AppMediator approach but you could also do


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