Ubuntu: why is there no “Adobe Flash Player” in these searches


This web page from finance.google.com or www.google.com/finance says "Adobe Flash Player" is required for interactive charts. The application called "Ubuntu Software" has a search feature. The application is in the screen shot. It shows that the search turned up no such application. enter image description here From Firefox I can click on the Add-Ons menu item, then click on "see more add-ons" and then use the search. The search shows no such product. enter image description here What is the canonical way to get this application for Firefox on Ubuntu 16.04?


Ubuntu Software is designed to find and install applications with graphical user interfaces at first hand.

The recommended ways to get Flash on Ubuntu are summarized on this page:


So, for Firefox, installing the flashplugin-installer package may be sufficient.

sudo apt install flashplugin-installer  

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