Ubuntu: Why does my Linux appear as 'ChromeLinux_C4EA' on my windows 10 laptop?


My computer is obviously named 'Skybbles', but it appears as 'ChromeLinux_C4EA' on my windows 10 laptop. To me this is very suspicious. Can anyone tell me what's going on, and how to fix?

Linux Dist: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS


If I hadn't read the tags for the question, I wouldn't have known what you were referring to. It is good if you edit the question and specify it is related to Bluetooth. I have the same on my computer. It seems to be the default name blueman (Bluetooth manager) gives to the internal bluetooth adapter on the computer. As DK Bose said. You can run:


Quoting DK Bose:

In the window that opens, click on Adapter, Preferences and enter the name you want to see under "Friendly Name".

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