Ubuntu: Why does “/dev/sda1 contains a file system with error, check forced.”? Ubuntu cannot fix, but Mint can


For about a month, 16.04 has been reporting this error.

I have 2 Linux distros on boot to USB, Ubuntu and Mint, both latest.

When this error happens, I reboot to the USB, and run sudo gparted, check sda1, then reboot to the system. All is well, but its a daily occurrence. Note: gparted will have changed sda1 to some other partition name as expected, but the partition size (700GB drive) is still listed so I know I'm checking the right one. After the USB is removed and the laptop rebooted, it returns to its correct sda1 name.

When I boot to Ubuntu USB and run sudo gparted, it never works. This is the same USB I used to install Ubuntu over Windows. Full replacement, no partitians.

When I boot to Mint USB and run sudo gparted, it always works.

Ubuntu ran fine for over a month before the errors started happening. It wasn't something from day 1.

What is my first step in remedying this? TYIA

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