Ubuntu: What does the BTRFS warning “unhandled fiemap cache detected” mean?


After installing Linux 4.12-rc7 mainline I'm seeing more than 100 messages in the form of

[ 1066.717576] btrfs_printk: 22 callbacks suppressed  [ 1066.717579] BTRFS warning (device sda5): unhandled fiemap cache detected: offset=0 phys=2900758618112 len=131072 flags=0x8  

in dmesg with different phys values. What does that mean? Of course primarily I'm interested whether this calls for a repair or optimization, but also what it actually means in BTRFS's structure.

I'm using Ubuntu 17.04.


Probably fixed with this https://patchwork.kernel.org/patch/9803291/

It's fixed in 4.13.

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