Ubuntu: Were the semi-maximize hotkeys removed? (Xenial)


As of yesterday (September 7th 2016) the semi-maximize key combos on my System76 laptop stopped working: The Ctrl+Super+Left and Ctrl+Super+Right commands that would cause a window to fill the left or right side of the screen, respectively. I've noticed other 'broken' behaviors too: Dragging a window against the top of the screen used to make it fill screen-height, and no longer does so, and the workspace-switching hotkeys Ctrl+Alt+arrows also are not working.

I think these used to be standard Ubuntu/Unity functions; they're listed in this answer and used to be in the hotkey overlay but are not there anymore.

I've been hunting all day for bugs or changelogs that would explain these changes, with no luck. How would I know if this was intentionally removed, and if so, what can I do to get the semi-maximize hotkeys back?

I'm running Ubuntu 16.04, Unity 7.4.0, compiz I've also posted a question on launchpad.


Your question is semi-related to Ctrl + Super + left/right not working in Ubuntu16.04 from two days ago. Your question is: Were these shortcuts removed? The answer is no , they were not. I'm using Ubuntu with Unity 16.04 and these shortcuts work perfectly fine.

So what exactly is happening ? As I've mentioned in the answer to that very same post linked above, your Grid plugin (which was used from way back in time) probably got disabled, and you need to check it in the CompizConfig Settings Manager.

There's no exact reason that I know for the plugins to be randomly disabled, but it does happen and sometimes too much stuff gets disabled. This is up to developers of Unity and Compiz to figure out,though.


I have the same problem with the Ctrl+Alt+Arrows for workspace-switching hotkeys. Using CompizConfig, make sure that Desktop Wall is enable.

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