Ubuntu: VS Code ON ubuntu 16.04 not showing the right launcher icon after installation


After installing VS Code i'm getting a default icon not that one that comes with vs code

How can i get it look like these ?

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Based on VS Code developers on github we can solve this by changing the path to the right icon like so:

sudo nano /usr/share/applications/code.desktop  

And change the Icon link to :


It should Look like so:

[Desktop Entry]  Name=Visual Studio Code  Comment=Code Editing. Redefined.  GenericName=Text Editor  Exec=/usr/share/code/code --unity-launch %U  Icon=/usr/share/pixmaps/code.png  Type=Application  StartupNotify=true  StartupWMClass=Code  Categories=Utility;TextEditor;Development;IDE;  MimeType=text/plain;inode/directory;  Actions=new-window;  Keywords=vscode;    X-Desktop-File-Install-Version=0.22    [Desktop Action new-window]  Name=New Window  Name[de]=Neues Fenster  


There is no information about HOW did you install your software. In Ubuntu there are several ways to install packages, some of them may be harder, some easier. I recommend reading this tutorial first:


Im pretty sure that these steps will lead you to succes installation with your icons working fine.

PS: To uninstall your current version you can use

sudo apt-get purge code

Just in case you don't know.

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