Ubuntu: VMware Tools “Unable to start services”


I am unable to get vmware tools to work in xubuntu guest, on vmware workstation 10 on windows 8.1 host. I keep getting this message below:

Disabling timer-based audio scheduling in pulseaudio.  Detected X server version 1.14.5  Distribution provided drivers for Xorg X server are used.  Skipping X configuration because X drivers are not included.  Creating a new initrd boot image for the kernel.  update-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-3.11.0-17-generic  initctl: Unknown job: vmware-tools-thinprint  Unable to start services for VMware Tools    Execution aborted.    Found VMware Tools CDROM mounted at /media/bogo-sort/VMware Tools. Ejecting   device /dev/sr1 ...  

I thought I could do without it, however the audio "skips" and none of the shared folders are available.


Its because you are running it from root. Exit the root and run

sudo ./vmware-install.pl  

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