Ubuntu: Understanding of repositories, general question


I´d like to have a question regarding new repos: In some cases, the versions of Ubuntu programms are outdated. Mostly, it is recommended to get newer versions by adding a repo of the other organisation.

Example: the free monitoring tool "Zabbix" in Ubuntu repos is maybe version 1.9. The latest stable version is 3.2, provided by a reposerver of the Zabbix project.

Let us assume, I have correctly added the Zabbix repo. When I install Zabbix via console, how does the system realize, NOT to download the older version? How does it realize, that there is a newer one, which is not in the official Ubuntu repos ? Do I have to give something with the command, in terms of "use the other, the new repo, but not ubuntu´s." ?

Thanks in advance.


By default, apt always uses the newest version of a package.

When you run apt-get update, all available repositories are queried for a list of which packages they contain, and this list is downloaded. Then, when you run apt-get install somepackage, apt looks at the list(s) of all available packages, from all repositories, and chooses the newest available version.

When you install something with apt-get install, it will tell you exactly what version it's installing.

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