Ubuntu: ubuntu 16.04 simple scan on brother j480 has no color


I have a Brother J480 printer/scanner. The scanner is working with simple scan (and the printer is obviously also working). The problem is the scan produces a grey scale image, not a color image.

To check if the problem is in the printer itself, I did a copy from the glass to the printer. This uses only the printer. The image was printed in color which means the scanner can scan color.

I was unsuccessful in getting simple scan to get a color image, only grey scale is received. Is there something inside simple scan, or somewhere else which will allow me to get a color image?

I have an HP printer where simple scan has no problems with color. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


The problem is fixed. Apparently, the driver was not installed completely correctly. I first removed the existing printer definition (because the installation makes its own icon in the list of available printers).

The link is brother driver. Click on the Driver Install Tool. You will need to extract the tool, open a terminal and use "sudo bash linux-brprinter-installer-2.1.1-1 MFC-J480DW". You will need to know the IP of the printer, e.g.

In my case, when it finished, the color scan worked.

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