Ubuntu: Ubuntu 16.04 keeps asking screen password after installation of Radeon graphics driver [duplicate]


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I am using Ubuntu 16.04 on dell 5559 with radeon graphics. I downloaded the package from AMD and installed it. After restarting it keeps on asking the password even after a put the right password. Once I put the password, it read and again return back and asking password.

Now I can't login the system. Anyone kindly assist, how can I open it?



I experienced exactly the same but wasn't able to fix it properly so I went back to the original situation. I have a Firepro v4900 card. I used the linux-image-4.4.0-45 to boot from;

My solution thus far was to reboot using the older kernel (43) at Grub boot screen. I uninstalled the 45 image (and thereby the amd driver) using apt-get remove or synaptic. Run a grub update. Reboot and it should by default boot back in 43. Now reinstall the 45 image. Don't touch the amd package.... when I retried I reproduced what I saw before.... trouble!

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