Ubuntu: Ubuntu 16.04 command line sendmail installation hanged


I was trying to install sendmail but it is hanging while trying to generate ssl certificates. I have canceled the installation process and later killed processes that was locking any new packages from installing.

But whenever I run apt-get install <package_name> it goes back to the sendmail installation and trys to install the ssl certs.

I have rebooted the system but problem is persisted.

How do I resolve this?

CLI Information

sudo dpkg --configure -a  Setting up sendmail-bin (8.15.2-3) ...  Updating sendmail environment ...  Reading configuration from /etc/mail/sendmail.conf.  Validating configuration.  Writing configuration to /etc/mail/sendmail.conf.  Writing /etc/cron.d/sendmail.  Disabling HOST statistics file(/var/lib/sendmail/host_status).  Reading configuration from /etc/mail/sendmail.conf.  Validating configuration.  Writing configuration to /etc/mail/sendmail.conf.  Writing /etc/cron.d/sendmail.  Could not open /etc/mail/databases(No such file or directory), creating it.  Reading configuration from /etc/mail/sendmail.conf.  Validating configuration.  Creating /etc/mail/databases...    Checking filesystem, this may take some time - it will not hang!    ...   Done.    Checking for installed MDAs...  sasl2-bin not installed, not configuring sendmail support.    To enable sendmail SASL2 support at a later date, invoke "/usr/share/sendmail/update_auth"      Creating/Updating SSL(for TLS) information  Creating /etc/mail/tls/starttls.m4...  Creating SSL certificates for sendmail.  

A similar problem can be found here but there wasn't a solution. OP just changed the OS.


I just experienced this problem also. It appears to hang on line 240 of this script /usr/share/sendmail/update_tls.

To solve the problem, I executed the following commands:

cd /etc/mail/tls  sudo openssl dsaparam -out sendmail-common.prm 2048  sudo chown root:smmsp sendmail-common.prm  sudo chmod 0640 sendmail-common.prm  sudo dpkg --configure -a  

It should now install.

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Thanks Saved my day..
on ubuntu you might want to clean up if the installation hung.

use -r to remove and follow the above instructions.