Ubuntu: Ubuntu 14.04 Alt+Tab live preview selection issue [closed]


I have problem with graphical behavior of application switcher on Ubuntu 14.04.5. When I hit Alt+Tab and then ; for live preview of selected application, it looks like its selection border starts to add next layout of itself over time, then, when selection border is nearly solid color around selected window for live preview, it starts from the beginning. How to revert its default behavioral? (or is it normal in Ubuntu 14.04?)

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The ; has nothing to do with the issue. Holding down the Alt key has this effect on my 14.04 as well. It cycles through what looks like 4 different border types with shadowing appearing ranging from none to fairly deep shadow surrounding the window in question. So to answer your question I believe this is the default behaviour.

I can confirm that showing seconds on the clock changes the behavior to cycling through 2 border types rather than 4.

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