Ubuntu: Trouble with Graphics/Unity/nVidia


I used to use Ubuntu 14.04 on my HP Pavilion 15 for more than a year now. But recently I upgraded to 16.04 about a month ago or so, and things went smoothly until just today.

I'm not sure what caused this, maybe an update of some package, I have no idea, but all of a sudden my system wouldn't recognise the display card properly. I kept checking all existing remedies and remedy attempts I could find on-line. All I could manage to get right is for the system to boot into the graphic log-in screen (though sometimes it doesn't, and I have to reboot a couple of times).

Even when the graphical log-in screen does finally appear, no upper-border icons are to be found. And on logging in, only the background is to be seen, nothing else whatsoever. Even after trying all I could find about this (purging, re-installation, etc.).

There also seems to be a problem with dbus-launch communicating with DBus Daemon. I noticed this on trying to launch some GUI-based programmes from the shell to DISPLAY=:0.

Any help would be much appreciated.

A million thanks in advance.

Hosam Adeeb Nashed

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