Ubuntu: Touchpad scrolling instead of moving while holding two fingers(Ubuntu Mate 1.18.0)


I've just installed Ubuntu for the first time on my new laptop and the touchpad is not working the same as on Windows(7 & 10). As can be seen on the picture, the touchpad extends over the touchpad buttons and I hold my finger over the buttons almost all the time while working. On windows, this doesn't make any problems, I can just move the other finger over touchpad and it will immediately understand what I wanted to do, and that is to move the cursor(without any special driver or software of any kind installed). On linux, cursor immediately stops moving when I lay my second finger on the touchpad and starts scrolling.

How can I fix this? There is no way I can use Ubuntu without fixing this functionality.Disabling all two-finger functionality from the menu doesn't fix anything - it still prevents the cursor from moving.


Picture of my touchpad

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