Ubuntu: thunderbird stuck with 'Status: Creating mail message…'


the last update of thunderbird (the version is now 52.1.1 (64-bit)) on ubuntu 16.04 causes my mail client to get stuck with the message

Status: Creating mail message...

then nothing happens anymore. i can cancel but not send the mail again... this happens often. i then have to start a new message and try again until the message is sent.

is there a fix for that? is that a bug? i have not changed anything in the configuration of the mail accounts since the update.

update: as Debora Weber-Wulff pointed out this may be an enigmail related issue only. (confirmed!)

update: there is a bug report for enigmail.


Yes, it appears to be this bug: #687 Enigmail hanging on send - Thunderbird 52.1.1


One suggested work-around (confirmed by multiple bug report commentators) is to kill all GPG processes,

killall gpg gpg2  

and try again.

Beta-version with fix

You can also install the pre-release version 1.9.8-a3 of Enigmail that's supposed to contain a fix.


the developer of enigmail has released a new pre-release (1.9.8-a4) of enigmail; as announced in a post on the bug tracker.

the bug has never shown up in this version.


I have had this problem but my work-around is just to click on the 'X' to close the compose window, then choose the option to save the draft. Then open, edit and send the draft and it has always then gone without any further problems.

I also changed the location of my drafts folder to a local folder because prior to that I ended up with lots of encrypted 'drafts' that had to be manually deleted as each draft, when encrypted, was unique. With a local drafts folder the drafts are unencrypted and are deleted automatically when sent.

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